To get an introduction to the ASL Signbank and what we're doing in ASL

visit our YouTube playlist of short explainer videos in ASL and one short interview 

Here's a conference submission that explains how we set up relations between signs in the ASL Signbank.

For a guide to the ASL Signbank, our ID Glossing principles, and our annotation conventions

Hochgesang, Julie (2022) SLAASh ID Glossing Principles, ASL Signbank and Annotation Conventions, Version 3.2. figshare. Online resource. 

Project that supported the initial development of the ASL Signbank

Project website

More documentation about the ASL Signbank

Visit our Figshare collection for more presentations and publications related to the ASL Signbank. Please note that we used to use Dropbox Showcase which was discontinued in January 2021.