Welcome to ASL Signbank

ASL Signbank is a collection of ASL signs linked with ID glosses.

Please note that data entry is ongoing. Most entries already include information such as the phonology, semantic field, regional dialect, and relations to other signs. 

Accessing the ASL Signbank

Public access allows you to view videos of ASL signs along with translation equivalents (or keywords). We recommend you search in the "translation equivalents" box (instead of the "gloss" box) if you don't know the exact ID gloss. Also you can use regular expressions to fine-tune your search (see pop-up box when you hover over the search boxes) Or just go ahead and start browsing by clicking on "show all signs" under the "Signs" tab above. You can also find a more advanced search under the "Signs" tab. 

If you register with an account, you will have access to more detailed information per sign. If you have a login account, go ahead and log in by clicking on the login button above. If you need one, please click on the login box to start the process of getting an account. If you have any issues, please contact Julie dot Hochgesang at Gallaudet dot edu. 

How to use the ASL Signbank

ASL Signbank can be linked with ELAN! Go ahead and use the ECV link here - https://aslsignbank.haskins.yale.edu/static/ecv/asl.ecv

To see how to link the ECV and to use the ASL Signbank as a lexicon service, please see this video by Onno Crasborn or the ELAN manual. Julie also made a video describing how to link the ASL Signbank to ELAN.

To learn more about the freely available ASL Signbank and the project it is affiliated with - SLAAASh - please click on the "about" tab above.

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